In my practice I focus primarily on photography as a medium for allegory and void. By using different strategies and forms of representation I wrestle with the physical aspect of a photograph, the limitations of the medium, the violation of perspective and the relationship between document and memory.

Ewa Lachowicz 2014

400 steps
disassamble of self body
Project statement

The word 'synapse' comes from Greek 'synapsis' conjunction,from 'synaptein' to clasp, from 'syn-' together and 'haptein' to fasten. (...)

Strong synapse is needed for cementing a memory while deterioration of synapses is associated with cognitive problems, memory loss and other alterations in brain function.

Through the complex design, Synapse attempts to visually describe the ambivalent relationship between photographs and memory. The concept of the book invites the viewer to step onto empty pages of a family album and play a game of hide and seek. The book is a collection of old vernacular photographs found in Germany, UK and Poland combined with artist’s own photographs. The blank pages of old albums become a meeting point where the viewer’s own memories interweave with a collective memory of the past.

Synapse (2014)

photo diary

Curriculum Vitae

Ewa Malgorzata Lachowicz

born 1982 Warsaw, Poland

lives and works in London, UK


2011–present BA (Hons) Photography, University of Westminster, London, UK

2010–2011 Printmaking, Kensington and Chelsea College, London, UK

2001–2006 Master Degree Philosophy, University of Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski, Warsaw, Poland

Exhibitions & Awards


Photomontage - Group Exhibition, The Montage Gallery, London, UK


23rd Annual Exhibition, London Independent Photography, The Strand Gallery, UK;

Senses – Group Exhibition, The Alliance Pub, London, UK

Photography Exhibition, Candid Arts Gallery, London, UK

Brent Artists and La Societe de la Pettite Voix ‘little voice’ Group Exhibition, The Gallery, Brent Council, UK

Art Residencies & Workshops

Sep 2010 /Jun‘11 Art Residency at Faculty of Photography, College of North West London, UK

Aug 2013 - The Vicinity of Narrative, Master Workshop with Todd Hido, ISSP, Kuldiga, Latvia

Oct 2011 - Wet Plate Collodion, Workshop with John Brewer, Manchester, UK

May 2010 - Wet Plate Collodion Negatives, Workshop with Tomasz Mielech, Jelenia Gora, Poland


The Hand Magazine,US - October Issue 2014

London Independent Photography - Exhibition Catalogue: 2012, 2011

Camera Obscura Journal,US - Summer Issue 2012

fLIP Magazine,UK - March Issue 2012 & July Issue 2011

Brent & Kilburn Times, UK - Issue 10th FEB 2011, ‘Art group has found its voice’

Harrow Observer, UK - Issue 17th Feb 2011, ‘Artists work out a way to beat cuts’